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      1. ABOUT US

        RayVal (Suzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, which is a new high-tech enterprise and headquartered in SIP Suzhou. It has a subsidiary company in Shenzhen. It covers 20,000 m2 of plant area and owns 18 production lines of SMT, 7 lines of wave soldering, 2 lines of selective wave soldering, 8 lines coating. The number of total employees is around 1000. RayVal always devotes to be a high-quality & high value-added EMS company. The main existing customers are from international group, including CommScope, Schneider, Honeywell, Kodak, Siemens and, etc.

        OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide our customers electronics manufacturing services of the highest quality and lowest total cost, while fostering the mutual welfare of our business partners through reliable and ethical business practices.
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